Joey Maggiore | Owner and Culinary Creator
Since the 1960’s, the Maggiore family has been plating up America’s finest Italian cuisine. From New York to San Diego, the family has operated and owned over 30 award-winning restaurants. Joey and his father, Tomaso, have set the bar with Italian dining in San Diego, California and Phoenix, Arizona. At the young age of 22, Joey solely owned and operated his first restaurant, Joey’s California Bistro. In 2005, Joey opened another restaurant focusing on down home cooking and barbeque inspired menus in Carlsbad, California. In 2010, Joey and his sister Melissa Maggiore opened Tommy V’s Urban Kitchen and was featured on Food Network’s Family Style reality-TV show. With the opening of Cuttlefish Ocean Kitchen, Maggiore is bringing his beloved coastal Italian cuisine to Scottsdale.

Cristina Maggiore | Owner and Proprietor
Growing up in a large Italian family, Cristina knew what it took to cook a large great meal! Sunday gatherings and traditional family-style Italian dinners, prepared her for a career in the culinary field. From exemplary hospitality skills to managing a large kitchen and staff, Cristina oversees all food and beverage operation